MusicaOcupa 2019 - Quito, Ecuador

MúsicaOcupa is a chamber music festival whose main purpose is to decentralize classical music and to democratize access to it. We will be performing 17 concerts of varying formats over the course of one week in and around Quito, Ecuador between May 28 and June 4, 2017. Local musicians as well as international invitees will perform creative programs together for diverse audiences in non-traditional concert venues. 



MúsicaOcupa literally translates to “music occupies.” The goal of this festival is to bring classical music to people and communities who normally would not have the resources or ability to attend concerts, thereby “occupying” spaces and functions within a community that classical music usually is not able. MúsicaOcupa understands the importance of the presence of classical music in a society (for its aesthetic, philosophical, and expressive development throughout history), and have identified the lack of new and exciting spaces where it can be cultivated in Ecuador. As a country, Ecuador is starving for a larger arts presence that reaches a broader audiences. Classical music is currently reserved for those who have the time, resources, and proximity to attend concerts. We want to effect change to this precedent in a positive way.